Trial of the coup of September 16, 2015: The Citizen Broom calls for the manifestation of the whole truth

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Source: Le Balai Citoyen / The Dawn News / February 26, 2018

February 27, 2018, opens in the banquet hall of Ouaga 2000 the trial of the failed coup of September 2015. After more than two (02) years of waiting, the Military Court finally holds this trial which was long awaited by the Burkinabe people. A long wait that appeared to the families of the victims as an eternity in the long and endless resort and procedures of the accused.

For Balai Citoyen, holding this trial is not just a historic event. It is unquestionably another stage victory against the retrograde and anti-democratic forces who have spared nothing to prevent the manifestation of the truth altogether. Our movement hopes that the trial itself will take on a historic charge capable of honoring the memory and justice for the many victims of the putsch, the families of the victims and the wounded who are still suffering from the consequences of this crime.

The Balai Citoyen who participated in the resistance against the putsch by launching the slogan of the resistance in the afternoon of September 16, 2015 feels very concerned by this trial. That is why he intends to reaffirm the aspirations of our people to see this trial respect the standards of a fair trial that guarantees the rights of each party and guarantees absolute light on events.

We are bent on the memory of the martyrs who, because of death, will not be able to make their case heard, unlike others, who are alive and well, who have already embarked on a plethora of advice and procedures to obtain rights and privileges attached to their status. Never mind, the Balai Citoyen wishes that the trial takes place in serenity and that the law is said in all its rigor.

We call on patriots and democrats to use their rights to follow this offshored trial in the banquet hall of Ouaga 2000. Moreover, the citizen Broom expresses the wish that the judicial authorities authorize the live broadcast on the radio antennas and TV audience to allow each Burkinabe to follow and live the debates wherever they are in the national territory.

The people of Burkina Faso chose Democracy and the Rule of Law. With courage and determination, the country is making its way in this process that necessarily needs a permanent watch to avoid deviating from the trajectory. It is a conscious and enlightened option for our nation and it leaves no room for adventurism from anywhere.

February 26, 2018.

Our number is our strength!

Together, we are never alone!


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