Israeli Police Dressed as Journalists Attack and Kidnap Palestine Students

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Source: Palestina Libre / The Dawn News / March 9, 2018

Israel’s action was condemned by Palestinian representatives, who requested support to student and human rights organizations of the Western world.

Last Wednesday, secret agents of the Israeli border police abruptly broke into the campus of Birzeit University in occupied Cisjordania disguised as journalists.

They beat and arrested Omar Kiswani, head of the student council.

The university informed on Wednesday night that two students were injured by Israeli shots during the incursion and were treated in the local hospital.

Birzeit University condemned what it called a “barbaric intrusion”.

The communiqué pointed out that the assault was a part of Israel’s scheme for “systematic destruction of Palestinian educative life by targeting academic institutions”.

During the attack, according to the university, students and guards who were at the campus confronted the occupation forces, but Israeli soldiers confined the guards in their premises.

The university also tweeted a video which depicts several armed Israeli men kicking and beating Kiswani and pointing their guns at other students, with the caption “Israeli forces kidnap university student, fire shots on campus in broad daylight”.


Israeli undercover agents, called “mistaravim”, dressed like Palestinians in order to kidnap, hurt and infiltrate civilian groups, often during protests against the military occupation of Israel.

Israel has even used mistaravim in order to kidnap and kill Palestinians inside hospitals.

The armed men arrived in the university, which is located near Ramallah, in a bus with Palestinian license plates, dressed in civilian clothes and carrying press equipment, witnesses told to Shehab news agency.

“They identified Omar and called his name as if they wanted to interview him, as journalists”, explained Yahya Alawi, a member of the student council who witnessed the Quds news network.

“They beat him, pulled out their weapons and a big group of occupation soldiers broke into the university through the main entrance”.

Then, the israeli forces shot repeatedly at a group of students who were resisting the invasion by throwing rocks.

Kiswani is a member of a bloc that is aligned with the Hamas party, which has won the elections for the Birzeit student councils.

In 2015, Kiswani told media that he and his activist comrades had been detained by the security forces of the Palestinian Authority and had been interrogated about their political activities.

The Israeli union of journalists condemned the Israeli forces for disguising as journalist, claiming they are endangering real journalists in their work.

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