Why ‘We Are All Venezuela’?

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By: Fernando Buen Abad / Source: teleSUR / The Dawn News / March 16, 2018

The “We Are All Venezuela” is not a coincidence nor a voluntary reaction to the conjuncture. It is the logical consequence of understanding the huge debts we have, in an unequal and combined way, with Bolivar’s Motherland and Hugo Chávez.

On its own, solidarity towards the revolutionary people of Venezuela is a historical recount that groups the legacy of our Liberator, the dignified struggle of the people in the “Caracazo”, but above all, the quality leap in terms of sovereignty and independence which turned Venezuela into a socialist flag in Latin America and the Caribbean -along with Cuba.

We Are All Venezuela because it is an individual and collective decision of a historical anti imperialist and anti capitalist unity; with a generous people that won’t stop its moral struggle. We Are All Venezuela because it is an ethical and political responsibility in an imperialist time where the bourgeoisie hegemonic perversions decided to snatch the natural resources and wipe every example of dignity and social justice of the struggling peoples out.

But, mainly, We Are All Venezuela because we want and must build a society without borders… the “Motherland of all humanity”, without masters, classes and humiliations. We want and must complete the revolutionary tasks of the people with wise and scientific methods that won’t stop while we maintain auto criticism. We Are All Venezuela, not only to resist the onslaughts of the empire and to cure the wounds… We Are All Venezuela to contribute with the definitive finalization of all capitalisms and with the arrival of a new society with complete human beings, sovereign owners of their development and felicity. A good living.

Venezuela is the vanguard of these tasks and that is why it is the target of every imaginable and unimaginable attacks. These have been years full of coupist offensives infested with media lies, paramilitar infiltrations… with terrorist events which aimed to destabilize and depone the democratically chosen, revolutionary government. Years of and years of abuses, deceptions and operations against a revolutionary government which recovered the oil for the people, among other conquests, and with it, dignity for its history. Venezuela has been the target of the most irrational and unfair sieges; of every possible and obscene villainy; of the rudest and most unacceptable injustices. We Are All Venezuela to defend it and to construct another present and another future.

It is not about resistance or a propaganda game to see who is clever. The Venezuelan people, under the leadership of Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro, decided to respond to the aggressions with all the force of the ‘Original’ Power. Venezuela went down the road of consensus and participative democracy to face imperialist defamations and bourgeois fallacies. Venezuela choose the path of Peace and Democracy to show that another world is possible if it is sustained from the foundations. Venezuela is not a perfect country nor a “fairy tale”. Every problem of capitalism is felt on Venezuela as well, the only difference being the will to not hide them and to fight them from the inside. For this as well, We Are All Venezuela.

Soon, a majestic election day will complete the instrumental politics needed for a political leap of a new order. An experience of popular political will educate and feed Venezuela and the Great Motherland. A historical day to strengthen new actions and programs. a fight from below that will assault the skies and thrust new tasks next to the historical tasks.

There is no room for delays or doubts. It is necessary for Venezuela to know that it can count with all of us. It is urgent for us to be at the height of the revolutionary people. We love life. What happens there will impact in the whole region with no mitigating factors. This is why WE ARE ALL VENEZUELA.

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