Patriotic Front: The Most Corrupt Government in the History of Zambia

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By Media Team / The Dawn News / March 25, 2017

Interim general secretary Dr Cosmas Musumali of opposition’s Socialist Party says the Patriotic Front is the most corrupt government Zambia has ever had.

Also, social activist Maiko Zulu says Zambians will continuously head nowhere if they get comfortable with the current elitist leadership that is shamelessly siphoning the country’s resources and which is in power for the sake of making profits.

Featured on UNZA Radio, Lusaka Star programme, Dr Musumali said it is an urgent need to change the governance system as corruption has become endemic under President Edgar Lungu’s administration.

A caller identified as Dr Proud told him to stop making wild allegations about corruption, while Dr Musumali responded by saying that the current administration is the most corrupt the country has ever had.

“But it (MMD) ended up being one of the most corrupt parties, much more corrupt than the party it replaced, UNIP. PF came with the same slogan. They said MMD was corrupt and that they were going to cleanse corruption. They came in and now we say that the PF is even more corrupt than any other party before. It is the most corrupt government that we have ever had. So, as analyzing Zambians, if we want to make lasting change, we have to go beyond the issue of just taking out individuals. We have to change the entire system,” he said. “You can’t fight cancer just by looking at the symptoms. If you want to remove it, then remove the system upon which that cancer was built. It’s important that we bear this in mind, since this issue will prove that honesty is as a value of socialism. Humility must take a really central role. Dr Proud said ‘don’t throw wild allegations’. Dr Proud, those wild allegations will always be there under capitalism, under this system.”

Dr Musumali said capitalism was a system that is not truthful.

“It teaches us, as subjects, to lie from day one. It’s not just the leaders who who lie; every one of us is lying on daily basis. We don’t have the norms, the values that teach us to be honest. In our homes, we are telling lies to our children and vice-versa, and this is mirrored even in our politics. Politics in Zambia are about lying. Capitalist politics consist on telling lies every day, every year and every century,” said Dr Musumali.

Zulu, who contested the Kabwata parliamentary seat in the 2016 general election as an independent, also called the program and said there was an urgent need to revolutionise leadership and make it less commercial if Zambia was to move forward.

“Good morning Dr Musumali. Let me call you comrade, because I think you sound sober enough to be called a comrade…I just want to talk about a few things, you have talked about access to education and opportunities; equity, when we talk of equity, not equality but equity. I think it is very important that we understand where we are as a country and where we have been,” he said. “I think at some point in the history of Zambia, we enjoyed some form of equity. But when you look at the situation we are in, it is very clear to see that there is an elitist movement in the country that is siphoning the country’s resources and is doing it without shame at all.”

Zulu then touched on the recent appointment of Margaret Mwanakatwe as finance minister, a decision which he described as questionable.

“You can see we are appointing a Minister of Finance who is questionable. There is a case concerning her seat…and you go on to appoint [her] as Minister of Finance. I have no problem with Hon Mwanakatwe’s credentials at all. But when you talk of integrity in leadership, these are the things we are talking about. Our institutions have been cheapened, including the Parliament itself, because our parliamentarians do not seem to understand their roles,” Zulu continued. “They (Parliamentarians) are not the watchdogs of the people anymore… As long as we have this elitist movement and we are comfortable with it, we are not going to go anywhere as a country. So, we need to revolutionise leadership, make it become less commercial because leadership now is all about profit. If we go into leadership out of profit; what are we going to reap after five years?. It is already a disaster.”

Zambia a rotten society – Musumali

By Media Team

Socialist Party General Secretary Cosmas Musumali says veteran journalist and legal practitioner Fred M’meme is free to join the Socialist Party if he wants.

And Dr Musumali has described the current scenario as a rotten society under a capitalist system.

Dr Musumali, a distinguished socialist economist, said there was no political party in the history of Zambia, from 1991 and on, to which Dr M’membe did not contribute.

Dr Musumali explained that there was no problem in Dr M’membe participating in the politics of the country since he was also a citizen.

“Firstly, I said you can’t own the Socialist Party, it belongs to the masses. If comrade Fred M’meme wants to join the Socialist Party, then he is welcome. He has been around long enough and has participated in the politics of this country since 1991 when we were reverting to multipartism,” Dr Musumali said.

“He was there when the MMD was being formed and he was one of the founders. He had a role in the National Party when it was being formed. Comrade Fred associated with the PF because of their proper policies at the time. There is no political party in Zambia where he has not played a role. So if Fred M’membe is willing to play a role in the Socialist Party he is most welcome.”

On whether or not the party was targeting specific groups in its recruitment including defense forces, Dr Musumali said such malice was meant to discredit the party.

He said it was also a sign that the Socialist Party was making an impact on the political scene.

“We read the story and after that we were written to by the Registrar of Societies. It was, and it is a malicious story meant to criminalise our activities. It is a way to discredit us, to create fear in the masses. And two, three days after that there was a lot of attention in the country. The minister of justice was threatening that we are committing treason. It is somehow a recognition that we are doing something,” he said.

“Definitely we want to crush the capitalism system because it is exploitative. Yes, we are recruiting members just like any other organisation. And we are offering training to the leadership and membership in terms of our values and ideology. Do we target specific sectors? No, we target Zambians. Army Generals and police officers who are there, are because they are found in such a community and they are Zambians who want to participate in the affairs of their country. The possibility that you will find such people among our members exists; they are free to join any political party. We don’t have the 60000 K that some people say we give to every coordinator. We are shocked by this malice and we really don’t know the motive.”

These sustained attacks through stories from the same newspaper, described the party as radical. Dr Musumali clarified that radicalism is needed to change any rotten system.

“Zambia today is a rotten society. Our radicalism comes in the sense that we are saying no to the system.We are saying this has to be transformed. You can’t build society on the basis of corruption, greed, violence”, he emphasised.

“This is not what we want, we want a revolution, and that’s where our radicalism comes in because we are fed up of this rotten system, and only a revolution will work. If I only come to Radio Phoenix, nothing will change. But they don´t want me here or in Kanyama or Mandevu recruiting members. We are saying we do not want a capitalist system of exploitation.”

And responding to a caller who solicited his reflection on President Edgar Lungu’s statement on the Copperbelt recently, where he literally encouraged PF members to steal from the government, Dr Musumali said it was a shameful utterance.

“It reminds me of Mobutu Sese Seko who would always tell his generals to literally steal. It’s exactly the same mentally, same parasitic system. Our President is paying lip service, he’s blind to the sufferings. He’s basically saying steal, but don’t steal everything, leave something,” Dr Musumali said.

“It’s annoying, it’s disgusting. We don’t have a government, we have a bunch of greedy politicians. This system is greedy; it has nothing to do with personalities, it is the system which is greedy.

Capitalism has never been kind to anyone. Join me one day as I meet our members and hear the reaction of the masses in the compounds. The nature of global capitalism today is that mining does not create jobs. One excavator takes up the jobs of 100 people.”

On the fight against corruption, Dr Musmulai observed that most people were not convinced that there was such commitment from the government.

“They don’t believe there is any significant fight against corruption. What we have today in Zambia is a bunch of corrupt politicians. There is no evidence of the fight against corruption. We have revelations from the Auditor General’s reports. But, who is investigating these revelations? No one. We see how people are before they join politics, and we what they become after joining politics. Is there any more evidence of corruption other than that? No!,” he said.


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