The People of Buenos Aires against the Economic Adjustment: Strike and Mobilizations

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Source: InfoNews / The Dawn News / April 3, 2018

Photo Credit: CTEP

Workers from cooperatives and the 6 guilds will mobilize on Friday under the slogan: “15% is not enough” (15% is the proposed salary increment when inflation is over 21%). The measures of force will affect the subway, garbage removal, public and private schools, the judicial and administrative areas.

Buenos Aires’ guilds and social organizations announced different protest actions for this Friday. This will include a teachers’ strike, a measure of force by subway delegates starting at 8:30 pm and 40 pickets and blocking street done by the CTEP (Popular Economy Confederation of Workers) throughout the whole city in rejection to what they denounce as “the economical adjustment of Horacio Rodriguez Larreta” (Larreta is the current Mayor of the city of Buenos Aires).

“The public employees of the city of Buenos Aires will carry out a 24 hours strike against the 12% increments that will affect health and central administration”, said Daniel Catalano,  the general secretary of ATE Buenos Aires (Association of State Workers), in a press conference.

The delegates of the subway will stop all subway lines starting at 8:30 am until the end of the workday. The measure will affect garbage removal and public administration as well since members of ATE Buenos Aires will join the protests.

Eduardo Lopez, general secretary of UTE-Ctera (Confederation of Education Workers of the Argentine Republic),said: “There are still 15 thousand kids without spots and the educational budget is the lowest in the country. Therefore we strike on Friday; we mobilize on Friday; and we will take part in the partial street cuts against the 15% increment, against the adjustment of Larreta, and for the improvement in health, housing and for a budget increment that helps everybody”.

“The private sectors will also suffer the 15% salarial increment, so we will join the protests, the streets cuts and the strikes of this Friday”, announced Alejandra López of SADOP (Argentinian Union of Private Teachers).

MOBILIZATION TO THE LEGISLATURE: The guilds and organizations of the city of Buenos Aires will come together on Friday in a mobilization that will start on noon in the National Congress and which will move on to the City’s Legislature in Mayo Avenue.

UTE-Ctera, ATE Capital, AGTSyP (Subway), CTEP, Camioneros (Truckers), SADOP Capital and Judicial workers of the city of Buenos Aires (Sitraju) are in charge of the call to mobilize.

JUDICIAL WORKERS: Judicial workers will also join the measure of force, with a 48 hs strike that started on Wednesday’s noon.

SUBWAY: The spokesman of the Trade Association of Subway and Premetro Workers, Roberto Pianelli, informed that the subway will be paralyzed from 8:30 pm to the end of the workday on Friday and that the union will take part in the mobilization and in the street cuts.

PUBLIC AND PRIVATE TEACHERS: A 24 hour strike on Friday with street cuts, protests session and clarifications talks in private schools.

HEALTH, GARBAGE AND ADMINISTRATION: The 24 hour strike will affect the health care and the city’s central administration.

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