Venezuela and the People’s Summit are stronger than you Trump!

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By Carlos Aznárez / Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / April 10, 2018

Photo Credit: Roberto Suárez/Juventud Rebelde.

This Tuesday, the People’s Summit was inaugurated with workshops, intense debates and reflections regarding the hard times the continent is going through. As every leftist event that holds its own, youth and veterans mixed together in the anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist gathering. Nobody came to Peru to tell stories about past battles; those who are here came to discuss how to build a different future for this world that Washington tries to control.

Many civil society delegates arrived from Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama and the rest of the continent. Several trade union leaders also attended the inauguration, like the Bolivarian Jacobo Torres, the president of the Latin American Confederation of Public Workers (CLATE), Julio Fuentes and other local trade unions and political leaders, led by the general secretary of the CGTP, Gerónimo López Sevillano. Some of the Cubans will give an ideological debate in the underated official Summit, while others, like their Caribbean brothers of Venezuela, will tell to their continental comrades the reasons why the two revolutions are still standing despite the brutal onslaughts they resist. There is no doubt that these are the stellar guests of the People’s Summit, but delegates from other countries will also be there to explain how the lives of the most humble suffer under the presence of pro-imperialist governments.

Lula’s unjustified detention was a topic of debate in almost every workshop while having its own moment in the inauguration, when every delegate started chanting “Free Lula”. This wasn’t the only chant sang, the traditional “Yes to Cuba, No to Yankees” followed as well as the “Cuba and Venezuela, under one flag”. Then the closing address was full of socialist and anti imperialist content, first in the presentation by the talented Venezuelan rapper and activist Rodbexa, the operational secretary of ALBA Movements, Gonzalo Armúa and a leader of the education trade union of Peru (SUTEP), who talked about the thought and legacy of Mariátegui. The opening day ended with the workers’ international anthem chanted by everybody with their fists closed and raised.

Outside the alternative Summit, the most important news was the absence of Donald Trump, who will be replaced by his vice president Mike Pence. The announcement was lived like an important victory of those who defend the Bolivarian Revolution, since the right-wing puppets that rule several countries of the continent are left alone by their master. Also, the other great news is the absence of the leaders of the countries members of ALBA, starting with Nicolás Maduro. As it was said by the Bolivarian president a few hours ago: “That Summit is a big waste of time”, adding that he decided against going since the Peruvian government provided no security for the Venezuelan delegation.

To sum it up, those who wish to destabilize Venezuela got what they deserved, again. PPK stopped wagging his tail and he will be remembered as another corrupt politician, while Trump prefers to abandon the idea of nailing his flag in what he believes to be his backyard, to wage a new war against Syria through the hands of Israel. The eroding nature of the official Summit serves to extend the death certificate of the Lima Group, formed by a handful of countries with the main objective of overthrowing Nicolás Maduro. But they have resoundingly failed, since Venezuela is the Heart of America.

Cuban delegation at the People’s Summit. Photo Credit: Roberto Suárez/Juventud Rebelde.
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