Latin American social movements stand in solidarity with political prisoners around the world

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Source: Alba Tv / The Dawn News / April 17, 2018

Freedom to the Mapuche political prisoners.

International social organizations in Venezuela, have organized an activity to be held today April 17, in plaza El Venezolano (San Jacinto) in Caracas, from 3pm to 5pm, on the International Political Prisoners’ Day, under the slogan “From the Venezuela of Bolivar and Chavez, with the struggle of the people of the world”

Here is the full text of the manifesto that calls for the participation to this important event:

International Solidarity Manifesto (For political prisoners)

When we talk about the thousand of political prisoners in the world, we are not talking about the isolated beings; we are not talking about individual and disconnected names. No. When we address the situation of political prisoners in the world, when we pronoun their names in a sensible and combative voice, we are referring to all of their struggles, which are also the same struggle: that of the peoples of the world, who long for their emancipation, the struggle of all us who organize to liberate ourselves from a deeply unjust system, a system that exploits and excludes, which plunders nature, which insists on the logic of colonization, which impose wars on us that displace populations and destroy cultures. We are talking about the capitalist system and of its current face, the face of voracious neoliberalism.

That is why, from our international organizations we decided to convene and meet in this Bolivarian land on April 17, the International Political Prisoners’ Day, under the slogan “From the Venezuela of Bolivar and Chavez, with the struggle of the people of the world”

The International Political Prisoners Day provides us the opportunity to raise our voices and denounce the inhumane conditions to which our comrades are subjected, from the judicial obstacles, the extradition and the distancing from families to the lack of medical assistance, the isolation and the torture.

With these violent and systematic practices, the repressive and terrorist States seek to overthrow morality, but we swear that they will never achieve it; as even their own prisons become spaces for resistance, mobilization and people’s organization.

We cannot stop only at the denunciation of these inhuman conditions to which the political prisoners in the world are subjected. As we mentioned in the beginning, this is a day to reclaim with commitment and combativeness, the political, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist and anti-colonial project, the common project of social justice, equality, solidarity and internationalism.

Thus, from our organizations we agreed to take advantage of this day and the causes that unite us to join our diverse struggles, looking forward in the construction of joint working agenda.

We are grateful in that sense, in an emotional and sincere way, the possibility that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela provides us, not only for the incorporation of our lives to this rebellious project, but also for the possibility to continue fighting for personal and common causes. In Venezuela we know in our great homeland, its people and its revolution occupy a leading place in our consciousness, in our hearts and in our internationalist and activist practice.

Acknowledging that the struggles against despotism of capital and the bloody exercises of imperialism and colonialism are many and very diverse, we emphasize in particular cases of countries, nations and people that today are subject to critical conditions. Thus, we call for the solidarity with the people of Colombia, Honduras, Brazil, México, with nations which even today are under the colonial regimes like Palestine, Puerto Rico, Cataluña, Basque Country, and with the Kurdish and Sahrawi people.

Finally we highlight emblematic cases of political prisoners who strongly resonate with the dignity of our people, including Ilich Ramírez, Simón Trinidad, Mumia Abu Jamal, Abdullah Öcalan, Milagro Salas, Samer Tariq Issawi and we especially emphasize on the recent imprisonments of former president of Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and of Jesús Santrich.

We conclude by convening to unite our forces in an exercise of internationalism to walk and fight together against our common enemies. The companions in the grits of despotic, colonial and imperialist States demand it from us, and their demand must become an obligation for us.


  •   Union of Palestinian Youth in Venezuela
  •   Poder y Unidad Popular – Venezuela
  •   Simon Bolivar Coordinator
  •   Congress of the People- Venezuela
  •   Cathedra Revolutions of the World
  •   Social Movements of ALBA
  •   Pakito Arriaran Foundation
  •   The other school
  •   Socialist Platform Golpe de Timon
  •   National Network of Comrades – Florentina Comunera
  •   Ecuadorian Alfarista Movements
  •   Fuerza Alternativa Revolucionaria del Común – Venezuela
  •   Democratic Front of the Liberation of Palestine
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