Miguel Díaz-Canel: I assume the responsibility with conviction that we the revolutionaries will be faithful to Fidel and Raúl.

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Cuba’s new President vows to continue with the country’s socialist and revolutionary project

Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / April 20, 2018

Miguel Díaz-Canel and Raúl Castro. Photograph: Adalberto Roque / Pool/EPA

In his first speech as President of Council of State and Council of Ministers, the comrade Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel Bermúdez declared that, “April 19, the historic day will no longer just commemorate the first defeat of Yankee imperialism in Latin America will also commemorate the inauguration of new government in Cuba that makes evident in the highest areas of leadership of the country the commitment of new generations with the legacy of the historic generation that founded the Cuban revolution.”

His first invention began with a recognition of the leadership of Army General Raúl Castro, who was the candidate with the greatest number of votes in the general elections that took place in the country, and was among the Commanders of the revolution with greater number of votes, “those who by being in this room, give us the opportunity to embrace history” he said.

He also referred to “the dark attempts to destroy us” of those who haven’t been able to destroy “the temple of our faith”.

With this legislature – he said – culminates the electoral process that the people have carried out conscious of their historical importance. The people have chosen their representatives on the basis of their abilities to represent the localities without a campaign, without corruption nor demagoguery. The citizens have distinguished humble, hardworking and modest people as their genuine representatives, who will participate in the approval and implementation of their policies.

In his opinion “this process has contributed to the consolidation of unity in Cuba”.

On the expectations that people could have from the government, he emphasized that the new Council of State must continue “to serve, create and work tirelessly in permanent link with its noble people”.

He also added that, if anyone wanted to see Cuba in all its composition, it would be sufficient to look at our National Assembly, with all women occupying the important positions in the State and the government. However, he alerted, no matter how much we look like the country we are, the commitment we make is with the present and the future of Cuba. The Council of State and the Council of Ministers have their reason to be in the permanent link with the population.


Díaz-Canel pointed out how during the closing ceremony of the Congress of Communist Party, the Army General made clear that his generation would hand over the flags of Revolution and Socialism to the new generations, which means – among many reasons – that the mandate given by the people to this legislature is crucial and we must perfect our work in all the areas of nation’s life.

“I accept/assume the responsibility with conviction that we the revolutionaries, from any trench, will be faithful to Fidel and Raúl, current leader of the revolutionary process”, said the new President of Cuba.

He then pointed out that the men and women who forged the revolution “give us the key to a new brotherhood that transforms us into comrades” and highlighted, as another inherited achievement, the unity that has become impervious in the core of our party, which was not born through the fragmentation of others, but from those who proposed to achieve a better country.

“Raúl continues at the front of the political vanguard. He still is our first secretary as the leader for the revolutionary cause, teaching and always ready to confront the imperialism, as the first, with his rifle at the time of combat”.

He also emphasized Raúl’s statesmanship, forming a national consensus and the way in which he led the process of implementation of political lines and policies. He also highlighted how he had made possible the return of the five heroes, as announced by Fidel.

He has signed international relations with his own spirit: he led the diplomatic relations with the United States, led the provisional presidency of the CELAC, the Cuban process as a guarantor for peace in Colombia, and has been in all regional and hemispheric dialogues highlighting the reasons for our America. That’s the Raul we know, Diaz-Canel said.

And he reminded people when the Army General, at a very young age, participated in the expedition of Granma, initiated the struggle in Sierra Maestra, was promoted to Commander and developed the experiences of the government that would be applied in the country after the revolutionary triumph.


I know the worries and the expectations of a moment like this, but I know strength and wisdom of the people, the leadership of the Party, the ideas of Fidel, the presence of Raúl and Machado, and knowing the feeling of the people, I affirm to this Assembly that the colleague Raúl, will lead the decisions for the present and future of the nation, said Diaz.

I confirm that Cuban foreign policy will remain unchanged. Cuba will not accept conditionings. The changes that are necessary will continue to be made by the Cuban people, he added.

He also claimed the support of all those occupying leadership responsibilities at different levels in the nation, but especially the people. “We will have to exercise an increasingly collective direction. Strengthening the participation of the people”, he summed up.

I am not coming here with any promises, the Revolution in all these years has never done this. I am here to follow through with the program that we have created according to the political lines of Socialism and the Revolution, he underlined about the objectives of work.

And to the enemies of the revolutionary process he said: Here there is no space for a transition that does not recognize or destroys the work of the Revolution. We will continue ahead without fear and without turning back; without renouncing our sovereignty, independence, development programs and independence.

“To those who for ignorance or bad faith doubt our commitment, we should tell them that the Revolution continues and will continue,” he clarified, “the world has received the wrong message that the revolution ends with its guerrilla fighters”.

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