Happy May Day, Comrades!

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These are, undoubtedly, testing times. Stumbling from one crisis to another, capitalism has unleashed some of its most vicious demons. Across the world, authoritarian figures, riding a wave of racism, xenophobia and fundamentalism, seek to build a narrative that pits worker against worker, while driving policies that lead to a massive concentration of wealth in the hands of the smallest segment of society. Spending cuts, walls, evictions, attacks on free speech, patently false legal proceedings, forced disappearances, assassinations – the weapons of the system continue to be wielded with greater force and perhaps, desperation, even as the planet faces ecological challenges of an unprecedented scale.

For some, these may be signs of despair, the downward spiral of a civilization. But look closer and you see, day after day, month after month, the valiant fight-back of those who will not accept any more injustice. The patient anger of militants and activists, who learn, teach, organize and ultimately face the oppressor – whether it be in the form of the batons of the police, the false promises of their leaders or the fake justice dealt out by institutions.

You see the stirrings of hope when teachers reject absurd notions of reform that endanger education, when a campaign of, by and for the poor seeks a moral revival of a country, when miners challenge decades of entrenched policy through massive and inspiring mobilizations. You see this hope in the slogans of the thousands who continue to mobilize for Lula in Brazil, in the songs of the workers who answered SAFTU’s call for a strike in South Africa, in the red flags which fluttered proud in the skyline of India’s commercial capital as farmers fought for their rights.

At The Dawn News, it has been our extraordinary privilege to cover the worldwide resurgence of movements of the toiling masses as they confront capital. In this special newsletter, we have tried to capture a sense of struggles from across the world, the kind of challenges they face, and their strategies for victory. We hope this reflects the spirit of the multitude of movements that march forward, confident of building a better world.

In solidarity,

The Dawn News Team

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