Vice-president of Bolivia, Alvaro García Linera’s message to Venezuelans

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To the Venezuelans who, in their heroic and Spartan resistance to the imperial domination, are shaping the destiny of the continent.

The only thing that is stopping U.S. from sweeping away any trace of democracy, equality, well being away from the humble people in the Latin-American continent, is the obstacle that Venezuela puts.

In Venezuela, the destiny of Latin America is at stake as it was at stake 210-215 years ago. It is a replica, a kind of re-edition of those moments when the continent’s destiny was defined by what the libertarian armies and liberators did from Venezuela, and today the destiny of progressive and people’s Latin-America, is defined by what will happen in the coming days, weeks, months in Venezuela.

So, it’s Venezuela’s turn again, without wanting it, without seeking it, to forge the continent’s destiny. And like it happened years ago, Venezuela is not alone; we are not in our best continental moment, but we have the power. We are here in Bolivia, we are in Ecuador, we are in different countries, in Brazil, in Argentina, in Paraguay, in Uruguay, from the government, from outside the government, from civil society, becoming part of this strategy of containment and resistance of the continental dignity and the workers’ dignity and we are going to win this battle.

We are going to win again with difficulties, with problems, but we are going to win again because it is the destiny, the destiny of humanity, of justice, of equality. It is the destiny of people, it is not injustice, it is not domination. The destiny of human beings, or of free beings is not subjugation. So, no matter however hard this battle will be, sooner rather than later, the victories again and re-hoisted in the count of actions of our people.

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