Venezuela and Maduro won the hope and power for Our America

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Source: ALBA Movimientos / The Dawn News / May 21, 2018

From Alba Movements, we congratulate the people of Venezuela for their electoral day this 20th May, and we recognize the major victory of Nicolás Maduro, who will continue as the President of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Over the last few days, a delegation of more than 2,000 international accompaniers, including the Political Coordination of Alba Movements, were touring and verifying the whole election process, and we could confirm the grand, free and voluntary participation throughout the day. Also, a few days prior to this democratic celebration, it was possible to see and verify the transparency, credibility and technical accuracy of the Venezuelan election process, as it has been recognized by multiple international auditing organizations.

The fact that this election process has been carried out despite the imperialist assault, is already a victory in itself, and is a proof of self-determination of Venezuelan people who have chosen the continuity of Chavismo and the peace project.

This Sunday, the Venezuelans have given us an example of participative democracy in an extremely complex context: blockade and economic war; interference of the European Union, the United States and its right-wing lackey governments in Latin America; coup attempts; paramilitary violence; and media violence, among many other assaults.

This victory proves that yes it is possible to move from resistance to counteroffensive and, finally, from the determination, dignity and unity of the people: WE CAN WIN!

The battle won opens paths forward and calls us to new people’s offensives for the emancipatory processes of Our America. It sends a message of encouragement and hope to the people, and gives power to show every day to the empire, we are not afraid to stop, fight and defeat it. The battle of this May in Venezuela is a great example of this.

They will try to dominate us with lies and with power, but will never to able to stop the political and social processes sustained in history and in reality. The present is still of struggle, the future is ours.

As Chavez showed us: Unity, Struggle, Fight and Victory!

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