Social Movements of ALBA: Unconditional support to people and government of Venezuela

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Source: ALBA Movimientos / The Dawn News / May 25, 2018

In Caracas, from May 19th to 21st, the second meeting of the Political Coordination of the Continental Platform of Social Movements of ALBA was held regarding the Venezuelan presidential elections. Representatives from Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Guatemala, Panamá, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Peru, Haiti and Colombia attended the meeting, who after deliberating and addressing the problems of the current political context in Latin America and the Caribbean for 2 days, set priorities for the rest of 2018. They are to increase solidarity actions and unrestricted support to government and people of Venezuela, pledge unconditional support and promote mobilizations throughout the continent to achieve the immediate freedom of the former President of Brazil, Lula da Silva, and finally, reinforce the demand that the peace agreements in Colombia be fulfilled, repudiating the crimes against popular and demobilized leaders of the FARC’s insurgency.

In the debates, it was emphasized that the whole continent is suffering a brutal onslaught of imperialism, which has been installed by the diverse methods of the right-wing governments, utilizing palace coups, rigged elections and exhausted maneuvers against popular governments. Brazil’s case was discussed, where Temer, has imposed neoliberal policies, especially against workers and peasants. Special attention was paid on Lula de Silva’s situation, who the government wants to take out of elections, but their attempt will be faced with the resistance of Brazilian people who demand that Lula be a candidate and is sure to obtain a necessary triumph. The situation in Argentina was also addressed, where the Macri’s government has recently kneeled before the International Monetary Fund (IMF). From this position, he will increase the devastating actions against people’s sectors, although large fringes of social and union movements mobilize to avoid it.

The Lima Group was also discussed, that permanently harasses Bolivarian Venezuela, as serves as the launching pad of the empire, although has failed in all its attempt to de-establish the government of Nicolás Maduro.

Panama, was another of the countries that testified that only by fighting victories can be achieved, giving the example of  27 days long general strike, led by the powerful construction union, the SUNTRACS, who without giving a way to attack and the hypocrisy of the bosses, managed to win the battle and  achieved the significant salary hikes.

In Colombia the delegates discussed the difficult moment that the peace agreements are going through, that neither Santo’s Government, nor the institutions, much less the judiciary, seem willing to comply. In this context, murders continue to happen against social leaders, while the paramilitary displacements are increasing in different areas of the country. The case of the arrest and request for extradition to United States of the former leader of the FARC, Jesus Santrich, is one more example of this strategy that opposes the peace agreements. Given this reality, it was suggested to reinforce actions in order to reclaim the peace as the only solution that has been extended from decades.

The issue of Haiti, a country that incorporated into Social Movements of ALBA in mid 2017, was also present, confirming that the situation in Haiti persists of oppression and of broad development of neoliberal policies. This causes people to look for different formulas to broaden their resistance. The Haitian delegate also reported on the growth of chapters ALBA in the Caribbean area where coordination meetings are being held to address upcoming unified actions. The same applies to the report on the chapters of Mesoamerica offered by the representatives of Guatemala and Costa Rica.

Finally, one day after the important victory of the Bolivarian people with 68% of their votes for the re-election of Nicolás Maduro Moro, the delegates of ALBA Movements congratulated that triumph through a statement and set an agenda for upcoming group activities, in addition to the various actions to be carried out in each country against neoliberalism and the arrogance of the right. In Haiti the Anti-imperialist Tribunal will be held on July 28 and 29, the meeting of the Mesoamerican Forum, will be held on August 9, 10 and 11 in Honduras, and there will be active participation in the actions of repudiation to the G20 Summit that will meet in Buenos Aires at the end of November. Additionally there will be a continental day of protest against this coalition of the oppressive governments and the presence of Trump in Argentina.

Another great event that will have the presence of the chapters of ALBA Movements is the International Assembly to bring together movements and organizations of the people, whose date is to be determined soon. On December 10, in Haiti, the summit of Afro-descendant peoples will meet, while in January 2019 ALBA Movements will be present at the Emancipatory Paradigm Forum, which takes place every two years in Cuba.

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