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Jeremy Corbyn conquered Fear
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Jeremy Corbyn conquered Fear

By: Olga Rodriguez / Source: / The Dawn News / June 13 Theresa May called to early elections, believing that this would consolidate her party. The polls foresaw an advantage of over 20 points. The move did not go as planned. Despite the victory, she lost the absolute majority […]

24 de Julio del 2016 / SANTIAGO
Una marcha a nivel Nacional, convocada por diversos grupos de la sociedad civil realizan denominada NO + AFP”, autorizada por la Intendencia Metropolitana y que busca “exigir el fin del sistema de capitalización de pensiones, más conocido como AFP.
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How can Chileans fight against the private pension funds?

  The Chilean retirement system obliges workers to transfer 10% of their salary to a retirement account managed by a (AFP). AFPS are companies that are legally bound to invest that money in the financial market in order to make profit. Workers must pay monthly for that service and also […]

Bloody Night in Western Sahara as Morocco Violently Represses Protesters
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Bloody Night in Western Sahara as Morocco Violently Represses Protesters

Source: El Confidencial Saharaui / June 11, 2017 Human Rights defenders report that until 10pm last Saturday, violent clashes were taking place between Moroccan repressive forces and Sahrawi protesters on the famous Smara street, East of the Sahrawi capital. Morocco’s occupation forces have repressed a Sahrawi demonstration in occupied Laayoune. […]

The United States threatens Venezuela with more sanctions
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The United States threatens Venezuela with more sanctions

  The Secretary of State Tillerson assured that the American executive is working hand to hand with “the Treasury Department to develop a robust list of individuals” to sanction. Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / June 14, 2017 The Secretary of State of the USA, Rex Tillerson, assured […]

The U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights raised alarm over the fact that at least 41 activists have been killed in Colombia so far this year. | Photo: EFE
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Another Social Leader Murdered in Colombia

Jose Maria Lemus’ murder adds to the growing list of recently assassinated social, Indigenous and human rights activists in Colombia. Jose Maria Lemus, president of the Tibu Community Board in Colombia’s North of Santander state, has been killed, the Peoples’ Congress reported Wednesday. His murder adds to the growing list […]