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Workers of La Escondida on their second day of strike
Chile News

Chile: It’s Been One Month Since the Miner’s Strike Began

By: ALBA Movements / EFE / The Dawn News / March 13, 2017 The 2,500 organized workers of the Chilean mine La Escondida, the biggest copper mine of the world, reached the first month of strike today, in the middle of the talks paralyzation and of the radicalization of the […]

Photo credit: cnn
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Argentina will Inaugurate a Course on Fidel Castro

Source: TeleSUR / The Dawn News / March 3, 2017 The symposium will analyze various perspectives of the revolutionary process that took place in Cuba with the arrival of Fidel Castro, in addition to an exhaustive analysis of his figure. The Amphitheater Eva Perón, located at the city of Buenos […]