“I created Jihadist terrorism and I have no apologies for it” Jimmy Carter’s security consultant

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By: Nazanín Armanian / Source: Rebelión / The Dawn News / August 21, 2017

Photo credit: The Counter Jihad Program

“What is more important for the history of the World? The Taliban or the fall of the Soviet Empire?” That is the answer of who was the security consultant of president Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, to the question of the French magazine Le Nouvel Observateur (in January 21, 1998) about the atrocities that the Jihadist of Al Qaeda make. A scaring lack of morals of individuals like him who destroy the lives of millions of people to reach their objectives.

In that interview, Brzezinski confesses another reality: that the jihadist did not enter Pakistan to free their Motherland from the unfaithful occupying Soviet forces, but that 6 months prior to the entrance of the Red Army to Afghanistan, USA started the Cyclone Operative on July 3, 1979, sending over 30.000 mercenaries, armed with Tomahawk missiles among other weapons, to rase the country, spread terror, overthrow the Marxist government of Dr. Nayibolá and setting a trap for the USSR: converting it into its Vietnam. And they achieved it. At their pace, they raped women, beheaded thousands of men and provoked the flight of nearly 18 million persons from their houses. A mayhem that prevails until this day.

This has been the fundamental stone from over the “jihadist” terrorism has erected and from which Samuel Huntington gave the theoretical coverture with his Clash of Civilizations. This is how they managed to divide the poor and deprived of the West and East, making them kill between them in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Yemen, Libya and Syria, confirming Paul Valery’s sentence: “War is a massacre between people that do not know each other, for the profit of people that know each other but who do not massacre between them”.

They managed to neutralize the opposition of million of people to the war and to convert empathy into hate. With the nazi method: “a lie that it is repeated a thousand times becomes a truth”.

The attack of September 11 was not committed by the Afghan Taliban. In 2001, the CIA involved the government of Saudi Arabia in the massacre. So, why did the USA invaded and occupied Afghanistan?

The weapons of mass destruction were not in Iraq. The only country that legally holds this weapons in the Near East is Israel and thanks to the USA and France.

Neither the USA needed to invade Iraq to get to their petroleum. Demolishing the the Iraqi state had several reasons, like invading a potential enemy of Israel and militarily occupying the heart of the Near East, while becoming the neighbor of Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The letters with anthrax that killed 5 person in 2001, were not sent by Saddam Husein as Kolin Powell claimed, but by Bruce Ivins, military biologist of the Fort Derrick laboratories in Maryland, who committed “suicide” in 2008.

They concealed the possible death of the agent of the CIA, Bin Laden, until the act organized on May 2011 by president Obama, in the Hollywood SEAL assault at an address in Abottabad, despite the statement of Pakistan’s former prime minister, Benazir Bhutto, confirming the assassination of the Saudi by a possible agent of the MI6 (it may have even happened in 2002). Benazir was murdered almost one month after this revelation. Keeping Bin Laden alive helped the USA to increase the budget at the Pentagon, to raise the weapons contracts with Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, etc. and to sell million security devices and surveillance cameras, while setting illegal prisons throughout the worlds, to legitimize and legalize the use of torture, to practice selective and collective assassinations called (collateral damages) and to grant themselves the exclusive right to invade and bomb whatever country they like.

Once tested, NATO sent this “jihadists” to Yugoslavia under the name of Liberation Army of Kosovo; then to Libya, under the name them Ansar al Sharia, and to Syria, where they were just “rebels”; after that they got 5 or 6 more names. In this international terrorist corporation, the CIA is in charge of training, Saudi Arabia and Qatar function as the “ATM”, as said by the German Development Minister, Gerd Mueller, and Turkey, member of NATO, receives, trains and heals the men of the Islamic State. The same countries that formed the Anti Terrorist Coalition!

How come that dozens of intelligence services and armies of nearly 50 countries, half a million NATO troops installed in Iraq and in Afghanistan, that have wasted thousands of millions of dollar and euros in the “world war against terrorism” over 15 long years, have not been able to overcome the few thousand men armed with swords and daggers of Al Qaeda?

This is how they created Islamic State

Syria, at the end of 2013. The neocon increase its pressure on president Obama in order to have more American troops at Syria, and they need a casus belli. The veto of Russia and China of a military intervention in the Security Council, the absence of a capable alternative of ruling the country once Asad is overthrown or murdered, the fear of a chaotic situation in Israel’s frontier, were part of the motives of Obama’s rejection. However, the president and his generals lost the struggle and the most bellicose sectors of the Pentagon and the CIA, of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the related media assault on the public opinion with the images of the beheadings and violations committed by a so called Islamic State. Once the world accepts that “something has to be done”, and while not having the UN authorization to attack Syria, the Pentagon, that pyromaniac firefighter, designs a special military engineering.  


In June 2014, it translated the Islamic State from Syria to Iraq, country under their control, occupying a 40% of the country, terrorizing nearly 8 million people, killing thousands of Iraqis and raping women and children.

They organized a strong propaganda campaign on the Islamic State’s cruelty, similar to the one made with the Taliban stonings made to the Afghan women, so that they could free taht country. Even the European deputy Emma Bonino fell on the trap, leading the fight against the Burka, watching the finger instead of the moon!

Then, they informed that as the terrorist headquarters was based on Syria, they should attack Syria.

Obama ceased in a fulminant way the Iraqi prime minister Nuri al Maliki, for opposing to the use of Iraqi soil to attack Syria.

Mission complete: USA could finally, illegally, bomb Syria on September 23 of 2014, with out touching the Iraqi Jihadists. Thanks to the Islamic State, nowadays the USA (and France, Great Britain and Germany) counts with military stations at Syria for the first time in their history from where they can control Eurasia completely. Syria stopped being the only Mediterranean country without any US military bases (after the fall of Libya in the 2001 by NATO).

And the most surprising: from that date to July 2017, the Islamic State keeps occupying the Northern Iraq without the intervention of thousands of American troops that are based only a few kilometers away (and have done absolutely nothing). At the end, the Iraqi army and the foreign Shiite militias are freeing Mosul, while committing terrible war crimes against civilians.

Terrorism in the strategy of the “Chaos Empire”

The “Jihadist” terrorism has four main functions for the USA: militarizing the atmosphere in the international relations, in prejudice of diplomacy; talking away social conquest, installing police States (the Boston, Paris and even the Orlando attacks) and a world level vigilance; hiding the vital decisions from the citizens; being a bulldozer, freeing the way for the invasion of their troops in certain countries, and generating chaos, not as a tool but as an objective.

If during the Cold War, Washington kept changing government regimes in Asia, Africa and Latin America through military putsches, today, in order to  bend the knees of indomable peoples, it appeals to bombings, death squads and economic sanctions, to kill them, weaken them, leave them without hospitals, drinkable water and food supplies, so that they can not raise their heads during generations. This is how Washington turns powerful states into failed ones to move freely through their territories without any kind of government.

The United States of America, which since 1991 is the only world superpower, has been unable to take control on the invaded countries, due to the emergence of other actors and regional alliances that vindicate their place in the new world. And like the dog in the manger, it has decided to sabotage the creation of a multipolar order that it is trying to emerge, provoking chaos: it has weakened the BRICS, conspiring against Dilma Rousseff and Lula da Silva in Brazil; it has prevented a Economic integration in Eurasia, proposed by Russia and Germany, and filed due to the war in Ukraine, and it undermines the Chinese project of the New Silk Route and the Pacific-Asian geoeconomic integration that would cover two thirds of the global population, and on the other hand it is creating military alliances like the “Sunnite NATO” and terrorist organizations with the objective to sink the Near East in long religious wars

Announcing that a plan has been designed to “change the regime” in Iran -a huge a highly populated country-, before the difficulty of a military aggression, means that it will set on movement a political destabilization of the country through attacks and ethnic-religious tensions. The same politics may be applied on North Korea, Venezuela or Bolivia, and others of its “Evil Axis” long list, and everything with the final objective of perpetuating their absolutist global hegemony: trying to overthrow the government of its ally Tayyeb Erdogan is the height of intolerance.

Before the tragic attacks in Catalunya, the Islamic State attacked the Afghan village of Mirza Olang. They filled several common pits with at least 54 corpses of women and men and three beheaded children, and took 40 women and children to rape them.

Conclusion: “Jihadism” is not the fruit of Muslim exclusion, is not even about the logic of the communicating vessels and of the return of “the terrorists that we have raised in the Middle East”. “Your cause is noble and God is with you”, said Zbigniew Brzezinski to his creation, the Jihadists.

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