Argentina: Montonero’s Day: “Politics as the Will to Fight for the Transformation of Argentina”

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By: Marcelo “Pancho” Langieri / Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / September 7, 2017

“We have not been defeated!” / Photo credit: Resumen Latinoamericano

On September 7, the day of the Montonero is celebrated in homage to Fernando Abal Medina and Carlos Gustavo Ramus, killed in combat in Hurlingham. Back then, they were wanted for their participation in the kidnaping and execution of dictator General Aramburu.

The Aramburu case acquires a great signification since it proved the vulnerability of the regime and the determination of the new political generation framed by a struggle process, that had in the masses rise the fundamental founding for the development of the revolutionary struggle.

The militants that assumed the armed struggle were consequence of the closure of all the forms of political participation and of a closed, conservative and regressive culture before a world that was committing in the expansion of civil and political rights.

The authoritarianism incarnated in the militaries was, above all, an anachronism while the struggles in the whole Latin America expressed the modern and libertarian values. Also, they didn’t recognize frontiers nor depreciated methodologies when the imperative that they postulated was of revolution and socialism. A socialism that broke with the corset of the Stalinist experience.

The struggle was for the revolution, for the transformation of society while taking the best emancipatory tradition of the national and universal history. This was how the new man reunited with the acting masses: October the 17th and the Cordobazo were the banners of a struggle that fed the growth of the revolutionary organizations.

After that, the fall, the frustrations, the mistakes and huge loses arrived. The universal history is filled with defeats and massacres, this is why one of the main battles was to recover every struggle fought, to take the examples and to learn from the mistakes. The worst of the mistakes is to internalize the defeat, to think that the last train has departed, that hope is a useless illusion and that resignation is the only way.

Every 7th of September we honor the memory of those who were a symbol of the revolutionary struggles in the 70s. Their memory vindicates politics as the will to Fight for the transformation of Argentina.

Comrades Fernando Abal Medina and Carlos Gustavo Ramus

Ever Onward To Victory!

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